• Dr Ashutosh Srivastava

Stress at Work can Damage Your Relationship

When a person is stressed at his workplace it quite natural for him to feel exhausted and negative about his work, which can make him less productive at work. It is common for people who work long shifts and travel a lot for work to feel stressed. However, a person's professional productivity is not the only thing affected by work stress. It has adverse effects on the relationships they share with their loved ones. And when a person is not able to sustain healthy and happy relationships with the people around him, it is bound to affect his mental health as well. Here are a few ways how work stress can affect your relationship

You are not left with enough energy When you feel overworked and tired at work, you feel stressed and lack the energy and motivation to do anything else after work. In this case, it becomes difficult to have the energy to connect with a partner. As a result, you may not put the same amount of effort you once used to. This creates emotional distance between you and your partner. You are not able to spend enough quality time with your loved ones and this can make you and your partner feel detached and alone. You are unpleasant to be around

Work stress not just leaves you depleted and drained; it also makes you irritable, moody and withdrawn. Most of the time, an irritable and moody person do not make the best company. The emotional state leaves you with nothing to offer to keep your relationship alive. You end up fighting more and giving up on your partner easily. Intimacy between you and your partner is also affected due to the rising stress in the body You tend to isolate yourself Due to the emotional and physical stress, you tend to isolate yourself. You start to feel helpless and refuse to take help from your loved ones. They try hard to support you when you are going through a rough time. This can make your partner question the changes in your behaviour, which can lead to conflict. However, it is not impossible to turn things around. With the right communication, you and your partner can overcome this situation. Don’t assume tour partner knows how you feel Communicate with your partner. You cannot expect your partner to read you mind. Open up about the challenges you face at work. Talking about your day and how you feel can help mitigate stress and help your partners understand what you are going through. Let your partner know even if you need some time to yourself to decode how you feel.

Ask your partner what they want It may become difficult for you to participate in your relationship when you are exhausted from work. There may have been times when you have been unable to pay attention to the needs of your loved one. Instead, ask them if there is something you can do for them and then carry that task through. This keeps you involved and shows you care. It strengthens the connection between the two.

Give each other a break There will be days when you cannot keep up with your work and your relationship at all. On such days, you and your partner should understand and step up for the others. On days, when one of you is completely spent, the other should take over their duties without being mean about it. You feel much better after a break and keeps you going for longer thereafter. It also helps you and your partner develop trust and co-ordination, which is beneficial for your relationship in the long run.

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