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Key to Self Motivation

The major reason why we procrastinate is because we are not motivated enough. And there isn’t one single factor that determines motivation. In this article we discuss the three factors that influence self motivation.

I know that I am supposed to do a particular activity like an assignment, or study a book or write letters. But I tend to postpone these indefinitely, citing various excuses.

The major reason why we procrastinate is because we are not motivated enough. Being a mentor for a bunch of young talented students in a leading MBA college allows me in a position where I can see lack of self motivation as one of the biggest stumbling blocks in student and professional life.

And there isn’t one single factor that determines motivation.

Charles Handy talks about 3 things that are required in the motivational calculus.

  1. I should know my needs. These can be the need for security, for money, food, clothing and shelter, or need for companionship, or need for approval, or a need to fulfill my debt to various people.

  2. I should know the result of which activity would satisfy these all or some of these needs.

  3. I should have the energy or the resources (money, time etc.) to spend on those activities.

The above are multiplicative. That is, if any of the three is not there, I would not be motivated.

If I do not know my needs, then no activity would motivate me.

If I do not have the energy or the resources, then I cannot finish the activity satisfactorily.

If I do not know how to satisfy my needs, then I will not be motivated.

Therefore, I have to link the activity (that I dislike) to a need. For example, if I fear that I will fail a course, and therefore have a need to pass it and get rid of my fear, I can link an assignment to that need. If I need the approval of my colleagues, and the distasteful activity will satisfy that need, then I will try to do the activity.

Whether I finish the activity or not is based on the resources at hand. If I do not have the time, or I delayed it so much that I cannot possibly finish, then I am not motivated to do the activity, even if I know that the activity will satisfy a need.

The same principle holds good for motivating others. If I do not know the needs of another person, I cannot offer him an activity, the result of which would satisfy the needs.

If I do know his needs and I can link it to an activity that I want him to do, and I provide him with the means and resources (including training) to do that activity, the person will be motivated.

Remove any of the three (needs, activity or resources) and there will be no motivation.

Motivation may not be the easiest to reach, while on the way to reach the top there are no shortcuts and over-the-clock stops, but with a bit of sincerity, we can achieve this state faster than we expect! Do you want to know what is the easiest recipe for motivation? Keep reading!

Weakness is your opponent

A strong instinct of competition is perfect when we want to defeat our weaknesses. From the child’s point of view, we had a reason to join the game – we loved playing hide and seek, hopscotch and other games that would require us to compete.

Lead a kind of a game with motivation. It turns out that it is a more difficult opponent than we can think – it is playing impure, collaborating with laziness and procrastination. Remember, that you can’t surrender, especially since you have too little time to waste at the expense of my unfulfilled duties! That is why you should start running at maximum speed since six in the morning and not allow ourselves to have quiet jugs and breakfast which would slow us down the imposed rhythm.

Just one shot and the opponent will take advantage of the relaxation of concentration. You can’t lose this battle! However, keep saving common sense, and I listen to your body – there has to be an exception to any rule!

Play games with yourself

Nothing works better than the vision of winning. It may sound strange, but some of the people are extremely susceptible to the method of stick and carrot. The vegetable is always a little pleasure as a promise for a good job done. And how are these promises not fulfilled when in perspective I have a treat or some trifle that can land in my closet?

Of course, I do not do this with every smallest mistake, because I would go bankrupt! This is the case in the case where the ghost of a big project hangs over me, something like a frog to eat. Motivation is a natural reaction to the glimmer of a rewarding vision in me – I work much faster and more efficiently because I can’t wait for what I get in return for the effort I put in writing an article or doing something else. Try to act this way, and the effects will go through all your expectations!

Break larger projects into smaller tasks

We all know how hard it is to be motivated when we’re overwhelmed with many duties. That is why whenever I am in such a situation, I try to make a meaningful plan in the beginning and to divide the project into smaller tasks. It is so convenient that by time tracking I have a much better picture of the situation as I manage my time.

This moment that divides the strip is a great opportunity to regenerate and prepare for the next task. At breaks I try to spend a few minutes relaxing, closing my eyes for a moment and, most importantly, having a meal! The vision of having a good dinner works on me exactly in the same way as the pleasure described in point 2 – so I can not wait to finish my job as soon as possible (keeping a close watch on course for the best results). Yes, I’m addicted to eating …

Focus on success, not on a failure

When I am in good psychic form, I try to stick to my successes stubbornly. The memory of them allows me to focus on bringing my projects to the finish, not forgetting to maintain the highest quality of my work. Each successive achievement I turn to a solid portion of good energy, which I use every day. Using the benefits of well-being allows me to maintain self-discipline so that I do not lose the resonance. The next successes mean an even greater portion of these positive vibes, which are responsible for the proper level of motivation!

Keep smiling!

My morning ritual always starts with a glass of water with a slice of lemon. Then I go to the bathroom to clean my face after a good night’s sleep, but before I do, I stand in front of the mirror and send myself a huge smile. I know it seems strange to you, but trust me, it is essential. Why am I doing this?

I want to give myself a portion of positive energy in the morning! When I smile, I feel more beautiful, more self-confident, and confident that everything I’ve put on will be successful. I am also ready to give everyone a smile around, not sparing him especially with his nearest. Laughter makes me want to live and there is no better reason to stay motivated every morning!

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