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How do you know your crush likes you or not?

Determining whether someone has a crush on you can be challenging as it involves interpreting their behavior and actions, which can vary greatly depending on the individual. However, there are some common signs that might indicate someone has feelings for you. Here are a few possible indications:

  1. Increased attention: If the person shows a heightened interest in your life, pays more attention to your conversations, and remembers small details about you, it could suggest they have feelings for you.

  2. Body language: Observe their body language when they're around you. Signs such as leaning in closer, facing you directly, and maintaining eye contact might indicate attraction.

  3. Frequent communication: If the person frequently initiates conversations with you, whether through text messages, phone calls, or in person, it could be a sign of interest.

  4. Flirting: Notice if the person engages in playful teasing, compliments you often, or uses gentle physical touch (e.g., brushing your arm) as these can be indicators of romantic interest.

  5. Making time for you: If the person consistently finds ways to spend time with you, seeks your company, or rearranges their schedule to accommodate you, it could suggest they have feelings for you.

  6. Jealousy or protectiveness: If the person exhibits signs of jealousy when you interact with others or displays protectiveness towards you, it may indicate that they see you as more than just a friend.

  7. Sharing personal information: If they confide in you and share personal stories or secrets, it could suggest a level of trust and emotional connection beyond a typical friendship.

It's important to note that these signs are not definitive proof of someone's feelings, as people may behave differently due to various factors. It's always best to communicate directly and openly with the person in question to understand their intentions and feelings.

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