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Being heard verses being listened

Being heard and being listened to are two distinct concepts in communication. While they are related, there are important differences between them.

Being heard refers to the act of having your words or thoughts acknowledged or received by others. It means that your message has reached the intended audience, but it does not guarantee that they have actively engaged with or understood what you are saying. Being heard can involve someone simply hearing the sounds you make or being aware that you are speaking, but it does not necessarily imply comprehension or meaningful interaction.

On the other hand, being listened to goes beyond mere hearing. It involves active engagement and attention from the listener. When someone listens to you, they make a conscious effort to understand your message, give it importance, and respond appropriately. Listening requires focused attention, empathy, and a genuine interest in understanding the speaker's perspective. It involves processing the information received, asking questions for clarification, and providing appropriate feedback.

In summary, being heard refers to the act of having your message received, while being listened to encompasses a deeper level of engagement, understanding, and active response from the listener.

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